Social Media Business Benefits

Social Media Is More Than Just Social

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Don’t think of social media as just a way to connect with friends and family. It can be a tremendous resource when it comes to connecting with your target audience. Here are some ways that you can use it and start seeing results!

Facebook Likes and Followers

Create a separate business account for your business on Facebook than you use personally. You need to keep the two separate. However, you can use your contacts of friends and family to promote your Facebook business page. Share the link to your page for the business on your personal page. Ask them to like and to also share. This works well because people are more likely to add a business on Facebook that a friend also likes.

Adding new information regularly is going to get you more likes on Facebook for your business page. Remember, each time that someone likes you; it puts it to the top of the news feed for those that are set up to receive the most recent activity. Strive to get plenty of likes so that you also show up at the top of the feed for those that are set up to get the most popular items at the top of their news feed.

Followers on Twitter

You can use the same types of tactics to get followers on Twitter. The more people that follow you, the more you can get information out there. Twitter can be limited with the number of characters, but don’t let that intimidate you.

Instead, use that space to tease your audience. Stir up a promotion that you are about to launch. Share info with them about a new product coming out. You can also post a link to videos so that they can click on it and watch.

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One of the easiest ways to get more likes and shares on Facebook is to offer a contest. Tell them that they just have to like and share to get entered. The contest can be for a gift card, a particular item, or even tickets to an event. Let them know when a winner will be selected. Post the winner’s name too so that everyone knows your contest was legitimate.

Ask for Feedback

If you ask for feedback on Facebook and Twitter, people will comment. That information will be free and it can help you to improve your business. You will learn what you are doing well and where you need to pick up the slack from the point of view of the consumer.


Make sure you answer any questions that people post on your business Facebook or Twitter site. Nothing is going to get them to go away like feeling ignored. However, nothing is going to make them feel more important than you answering or commenting on what they said. Make sure you keep your replies positive. Even if the post from them is negative, create a positive outcome with it so that you always appear professional and willing to help.

Social Media And Business

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The Business Of Social Media

Starting up your own business can be quite a terrifying and exciting prospect at the same time and you can run through the whole gamut of emotions in setting it up and going through the trials and tribulations on the road to success. However, one sure-fire way to help be successful online is to use social networking sites to attract customers for your website.

Social media can be defined as the interactions which take place between people on websites which have a social element like Facebook and Twitter and it is key to utilize these sites in marketing your business. Essentially these sites utilize the technology of web 2.0 which are more technologically advanced and interactive than earlier web sites.

The thing with marketing your business on the internet is you need to make sure that you hit all possible avenues . Essentially, the more broad your web presence is, the greater your chances are to generate traffic to your site. This should eventually increase your profits and start you on the path to a rich and rewarding financial future.

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Facebook should be one of the first websites that you target. As it is one of the most popular social networking sites out there, it is essential that you have a well stocked and detailed Facebook page to link your website too. The best thing that you can do is to synchronize the content that you have on your website with the information that you have on Facebook. They shouldn’t be exactly identical but there should be quite a few similarities. Regularly posting on Facebook about your business and keeping posts fresh and engaging will keep visitors coming back often. It is a real deterrent to people when they do not see anything new on your Facebook wall or uninspiring or old posts which are not relevant to your business. If you keep things fresh and interesting you will find that the number of visitors to your site will naturally increase and you will get a lot more traffic. Posting pictures as well as asking questions are great ways to engage your visitors to your page.

Facebook also offers you the chance to promote your posts for a small fee. In the scheme of things, this might actually be a valuable form of advertising for your business in which to bring you a lot more customers.

Twitter is probably the second most popular social media site after Facebook and it does have a certain quality to it. You need to form a relationship with your followers on Twitter in order to get traffic to your website. Again there should be a direct web link between your twitter page and the URL of your website to facilitate more visitors to your site. On Twitter you are limited in a certain way as you can only do posts of up to a certain amount of characters. On the other hand, this can be an opportunity too as this means that posts are kept short and straight to the point. The types of posts that you might want to put on your Twitter feed might be some important bits of news or developments about your company. In addition, you may want to put some special offers on Twitter to lure people in and try and boost the amount of traffic that comes to your website.

The key to this marketing strategy is persistence, keep posting and interacting with your customers and you will be rewarded.

Technology Toy-Fi Teddy Keeping Families in Touch

Magical Teddy

One of the biggest challenges that working parents face is keeping in touch with their children when they are out on a business trip. For parents that have to travel often, this task can be both daunting and tiring. It is difficult to balance work and home life. The distance can be heart-breaking for your child. But, there is good news for parents experiencing this problem. Technology has helped toy makers to create a new product that can keep you in contact even when you are far away. This technology actually comes in the form of a toy that can be on your child’s bed while sleeping. This toy is a soft and lovable teddy that lets your child know that you are never too far away. This amazing product is called the Toy-Fi Teddy.

I always like to see technology that benefits families and especially kids, as opposed to tech that isolates kids even more like video games.

Actually keeping a communication device on your child’s bed may sound crazy, but with Toy-Fi Teddy it’s a neat idea. Especially, if they are at an age where they can’t use a smart device. The Teddy works with an application on your phone that allows you to communicate directly with your child. First you record a message, from your phone, that you want your child or loved one to receive. The message is then transferred from the cloud directly to your Toy-Fi Teddy. The Toy-Fi Teddy has a red heart, once the Teddy’s heart starts to blink, your child will realize that they have a new message. They then push the Teddy’s heart and your message will play. The teddy then allows them to record a message that goes directly to your Teddy phone app for you to listen too.

New Tehnology toy-fi teddy
This amazing device allows you to stay in contact with your children whenever you are out of town or away. It is a comforting device that lets them know that you are never too far away. It has also become a market sensation as thousands of people have flocked to purchase this new toy. The Toy-Fi Teddy may appear to be simple, but actually incorporates advanced technology. It works primarily through Bluetooth, which insures that your messages are heard clearly and reliably. There is also little to no risk of the messages getting caught in transit. It is particularly useful for younger children who want to be able to contact their parents when they need to. The Teddy will provide children with the freedom and sense of security to do so.

For men, It also works great with girlfriends or your wife. All women love stuffed animals whether they admit it or not, its the little girl inside of them. Having a romantic message that they can listen to your voice as they fall asleep will definitely sooth a heart that is missing you.

The Toy-Fi Teddy not only will improve your communication, it will enable you to get more work done. You will be more productive knowing that your child can contact you if any situation arises. You will also be comforted by the fact that your daughter or son can hear from you directly. In addition to being a wonderful communication device, the Teddy is a great toy itself. Your child will be comforted by its presence, particularly when they think of you. Knowing that your child has this extra comfort is going to put your mind at ease. This will allow you to focus on your important meetings or presentations. The entire process will be much easier because of this.

Overall, the Toy-Fi Teddy is a great investment. You are not only paying for the toy, but also getting a heartfelt way to communicate with your family or loved ones.

Ease of Use: You will also find that the Teddy is very user friendly and is so simple that a small child could operate it. Put yourself at ease and give the Toy-Fi Teddy a try. It surely will be something that you and your family won’t regret.

How to use Social Media to Promote Sites on Watches

How to use Social Media to Promote Sites on Watches

In essence, most of social media today is concerned with making one feel connected with the outside world through a screen. Social networking is perhaps one of the best things that people can do to keep in touch and make connections. However, as there are so many people online these days, it makes sense to target them through careful marketing as well. The internet is a breeding ground for such enterprises and there is a large pool of potential consumers to acquire. Sites that promote Swiss watches for men are certainly starting to do this more. They tend to add short videos of the watch functions, or even testimonials given by buyers of these expensive watches. This interactive approach is a great way to make almost any high tech product.

Their social media approach includes having a presence on all of the usual social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and any other such site (possibly LinkedIn for professional purposes). This is the base requirement for firms marketing themselves on the internet. It is what they do on such sites that counts the most and the approach that they take will often be determined by the site that they are on.

Facebook is a dynamic site and probably the most popular social networking site in the world. Many people are on it and it is widely renowned for its versatility and how it manages to attract people of all ages and dispositions. In effect, it is probably the site that a Swiss watch company would want to use the most. If they keep posts short and engaging, this is more likely to attract new users as they will be intrigued and will like the cutting edge of the posts. Posting regular fresh content is also essential to keep users engaged and possibly sharing special offers may be another way of attracting consumers. Facebook is a great way of connecting with users directly, perhaps by adding them as a friend or replying swiftly to any comments that they have made on your site. This makes the consumer feel valued and the personal touch really is worth a lot in today’s slightly impersonal times.

Twitter is another fantastic site where you can engage with people on a regular basis in perhaps even more of a dynamic way than you can on Facebook. This is because on Twitter you can interact with people through posts that are constrained to fewer than 140 characters. This naturally means that you are going to keep posts short and engaging and cut to the point of what you are trying to say. Again, the site allows direct communication with potential customers perhaps through a direct message, ‘following’ them or even re-tweeting some of their posts. This again conveys a personal touch which is often absent from the world that we live in.

One thing that you should ensure is that all your profiles and pages on these social networking sites are linked back to your original webpage and that these links are clear and easily accessible for users. This is a sure-fire way to boost traffic and ensure that you get more visitors to your site. These visitors potentially will make purchases, thus generating income for you.